Manic Monday – Volume VII

CRIPPITY CRAP, IT’S MANIC MONDAY!! That’s right, it’s the worst day of the week for most people so I enlighten the mood by telling you some of the crazy shit that went on in my head this week and actually remembered to write it down for your enjoyment! Buckle up you literate reader because chances are, even I have no idea what’s about to be published!!


So starting a new job is kind of a bitch isn’t it? There is always that pressure of, “I work with these people, but I really don’t care about them, but I should at least act like I do”… Then the pressure of learning new things… Getting acclimated… All these new things but you have to do them because otherwise you will die hopeless on the streets. Just a thought I guess.


Halloween is right around the corner. One thing I don’t understand is how many people partake in Halloween. It’s supposed to be a wiccan holiday, yet sooooo many people do it. Dress up as demonic or cute things and ask for candy. Does that even make sense? Not really, or at least to me.


Have you ever seen someone’s face and just got instantly mad? Like, you just despise them so much that you get angry just by seeing that person? 


Fandom Friday – Childish Gambino

Welcome to Fandom Friday, where I talk about something or someone that I like and why you should too. This week I will be writing about Childish Gambino.


If you have no idea who I am talking about, his real name is Donald Glover. He raps, acts, does stand up, writes for everything and is just a flat out badass. He is a true entertainer and he pulls off everything he does with glamour and integrity.


I’ll start off with his acting career. He goes by his real name: Donald Glover. He has been in The Mystery Team, The Muppets, on TV’s Community along with so much more. My favorite role would have to be when he played “Troy Barnes” on Community. I say this because you get a dose of him weekly and he is a very believable “High School Jock” in a community college. Glover did fantastic in getting into the role and it showed through every week.


When it comes to stand up, we didn’t get too much of him. He did one big show and pretty much called it quits. The show was titled Weirdo and it had a lot of “story” jokes. Don’t get me wrong, it was still super funny, but sometimes the stories got a little long. The punch lines were always good though, and he still had quite a few zingers in the stories.


When I say that Glover writes for everything, I mean it. The man has written so much material for everything he does and even contributes to some very big scripts in Hollywood and on TV like “30 Rock” as well. He writes his songs that he performs and they are really in depth rhymes that are creative and bold. His way with words is phenomenal and his vocabulary is far from limited.


Now on to his still-booming rap career. This is where he performs under the name “Childish Gambino”. He has sent out a TON of free music on his website: Gambino really gives to the rap/hip-hop community all the time when it comes to his music. I have went to a Childish Gambino concert in Denver, CO in 2012 and it was fantastic. He puts on a great show and his music is so uplifting that you really can’t be in a bad mood when listening to it. Once Gambino found his style of voice and music, he BLEW up the game. I would definitely give CG a good listen if I were you. It’s really easy to fall in love with his music and you will be hooked from that first time. Look up the song “Do Ya Like” on YouTube, it’ll make love to your eardrums.


With that being said, it’s easy to see why you should start looking up some of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino’s work. You never know, maybe it’ll change your life.

My Take On Equality

Like I said during Manic Monday, I wanted to endeavor more into the equality topic. So I would like to start off with saying that equality means EQUAL all around for all people.


Take women in the workplace for example, being that is one of the biggest ones. To be equal, you should get the SAME pay as men. Not less, but not more as well. Also with equality, you have to take the same shit that men do while at work. Men don’t go around talking about sexual harassment and how they feel violated. Equality is EQUAL. That doesn’t mean that if a man were to REALLY violate you, you have to bypass it, but jokes and such do not matter anymore. That’s equality. Also, just because you are a woman, it doesn’t give you special privileges either. You don’t get special treatment anymore. The only thing that you would get different than men is time off after having a child. Because let’s face it, that’s worth the time off. You pushed a baby out of your vagina and men cant do that. But I do believe that men should get that time off too. We need time to bond with our child as well and that’s just fair, or EQUAL as I would say.


For gay marriage, it’s part of being equal. If you are a woman wanting equal rights, it should be equal for everyone, right? That includes gay marriage. Saying “I want equal rights for everyone” includes EVERYONE! You can’t just say it, then exclude one or so groups of people. So if you are for equal rights, you have to be for them for everyone. I, for one, support gay marriage and FULLY equal rights for all. But when I say I support it, I mean everything has to be equal. 100% all around equal.


MY thing about equality is that a lot of people like to bitch about everything. If you have equality, what else is there to bitch about? That’s what a lot of people use as their prime topics of complaining. If you don’t have equality, what’s next? Probably something that no one cares about at all. So think about that before saying you want equality. Are you someone who likes to complain? If so, equality probably isn’t for you.


Also with equality, I think that is why men are the superior race. If people aren’t striving to be BETTER than others, then the bar sits at straight white men. To better yourself is a goal that says, we want to be better. If you are just aiming to be equal with straight white men, then that makes said straight white men superior than everyone else. Right? That’s not me being a bigot either, it’s just standard based on facts said above. With equality, there would be no “better” people, which I can agree would be good. But how do you get there? You aim higher. 

Rags To Riches

There is a huge sea of people who say they want to go from “rags to riches”. Usually when you hear the term, you think of people who want to make it big and make millions of dollars. They want the rich lifestyle where money is everything. However, I think this term belongs to everyone on the planet.


I firmly believe that everyone wants the riches. No matter where you come from, even from “riches to riches”, “rags to riches”, or even just “normality to riches”. The thing about it, is that whatever it is that makes you happy for life, should be the “riches” part of that statement. I’m not just talking about how much money you make, or how many things you could buy… No. I’m talking about eternal happiness in whatever you enjoy doing.


Riches is such a grandiose term that everyone puts together with money. “It’s all about currency”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. Riches can be anything for that matter. Yes, for some people, it is all about the paper we live off of. But for many people, they just want a job or career that pays the bills and you can live happily off of. Well that my friend, is also riches. If you are genuinely HAPPY with where you are in life, what is stopping you from saying you have riches? Because you don’t have a treasure chest of gold in your basement? Or because you don’t have the brand new Ferrari that just came out? Well, if that’s what you want, then maybe you don’t have riches. But if you are content with everything you have and can do, what is stopping you from saying, “I’m rich”?


There shouldn’t be a damn thing stopping you. We have created this political definition of what riches means and made it to where when you hear the term “riches”, you automatically think money. What happened to riches being a universal term for “I am rich in my own way”?


Say you want to follow your dream in life, and it’s not for the money. Whether that vocation doesn’t have a lot of money to be made, whether you are the lower man on the totem pole or whatever the case may be. You will still be RICH if you truly love what you do. It’s not work anymore. You will be “well off” because you have peace of mind. Most big wigs in a company are only happy because of the money they make and think they have this sense of entitlement to “I’m better than you”. But the thing about that is, what if they only made a portion of what they do a year? Would they still be happy? Probably not. So why are they able to be happy and say they have riches, but the little guy can’t?


This is one of those things where, money doesn’t equal how well off you are in life. If you can pay the bills, maybe have some to save left over, and you are just HAPPY… REALLY happy… then you, too, have gone from “whatever” to riches.


So change your way of thinking about it. Tell everyone how rich you are. If your soul is rich with happiness, SHOUT it to the world! Say, “I’m the richest man/woman alive”! People will be jealous of you, because you are what you want to be. They will see your riches and say, “Damn, I wish I were that rich with joy”. 

The Time Machine

First off, I just want to say that I can NOT believe it is October already. This year has come and gone like a hooker sleeping with a guy who struggles from premature ejaculation. In plain words, it’s going too fast.


Anyway, with that being said, don’t you wish you could turn back time every now and then? Go back a week, a month, a year, or many years? For example, I would go back to high school.


To most, I understand that seems weird. Going back to high school where there’s a bunch of drama and stupid teenagers who think they own the world. However, if you really think back to school days, how many responsibilities did you have? Pretty much none! And it was oh so glorious.


Imagine how different you could make your life. I know a lot of people are in great jobs, and homes, and families and such, but there isn’t something you would want to change? Even something small like the car you drive? Or what you dressed up as on Halloween 3 years ago with your family? Or the simple Holiday present you gave to your Mom that you have always regretted?


High school is supposed to be when you find yourself and who you are. That’s why I think it’s such a great starting point to do it all over again. Now for me personally, it took me a couple years after high school to REALLY get going on what I want to do in life, and I could start while still IN school.


So where would YOU go? Or would you even go anywhere? Is your life THAT perfect right now?


Asking yourself this is another one of those “It could change your life” questions. It is about self-reflection and goals. So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Become the better you- go through the window. 

Manic Monday – Volume VI

CRIPPITY CRAP, IT’S MANIC MONDAY!! That’s right, it’s the worst day of the week for most people so I enlighten the mood by telling you some of the crazy shit that went on in my head this week and actually remembered to write it down for your enjoyment! Buckle up you literate reader because chances are, even I have no idea what’s about to be published!!


One of my biggest pet peeves is being around people who hate sarcasm or people who just don’t understand it. It’s annoying knowing that you can’t use sarcasm around them because of how often I use it. I’m very sarcastic and satirical the majority of the time. It’s fun and I don’t feel like giving it up for anyone. Hell, I don’t understand how people don’t get it. It’s typically obvious and even if it’s hidden better, it’s still easy to depict. And for those who just hate it, WHY? Sarcasm is such a great thing and should be used in almost every situation! But hey, that’s just my opinion.


One thing that I do not understand is: who the hell created words and names for things? I mean, they created this universal language that everyone understands… Words. For example, I want to know who pointed at a tree and said, “That’s a tree”. Why is it not a car, or bread, or purple for that matter? Why do we not look at a table and say, “That’s a great couch”? What if everything were different? I know that we would be used to it by now, but in general. Have you ever sat back and thought like this? Imagine looking at a tree and calling it a purple… it seems weird, but think, there is a chance that it could have been named that. Instead of counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 it could be Blanket, Pizza, Remote, Coffee, Baby! But one (or a few) person(s) said nay- this is the way it’s going to be. And we all know it now. How different the world would be if language were not the same.


Here’s a big topic: equality. There is so much I can say about equality, so there will probably be a full post on just that. But to give you a brief thought for the day, I’ll start it in Manic Monday. So, does anyone really want equal rights? Let’s say, gay rights for example. As soon as you get equal rights, you have nothing to bitch about anymore. If everything were 100% fair, would it really be fair? There would always be discrimination still, that’s one thing that will never go away. Yeah, you would be able to marry whom ever you want to, but why would you want to do that anyway? Marriage sucks! It’s a full time job, on top of your actual job. Just a thought. Though I will say that I stand by equality, which sounds like a contradiction but it’s not. I think everyone should be equal, but REALLY equal. But I’ll get more in depth with this later.


Here’s a simple and complex question all in one: What is Forever? Is it for life, for a while, never ending even after death? Hell, I don’t know, but then again, does anyone really know? Ponder that for a good minute. What IS Forever? Does it differ form person to person? Does it matter what the topic that forever is titling (i.e. a break up, a home, a child, etc.)? Go ahead, tell me what you think.  

Fandom Friday – Boobs

Welcome to Fandom Friday, where I talk about something or someone that I like and why you should too. This week I will be writing about Boobs.


Yeah, you read that right; I will be talking about breasts. Why? Ummm, how about “Why NOT?”


I firmly believe that EVERYONE loves boobs. Men, women, gay men, children, just everyone! Why? Because they are fantastic that’s why. And even though not everyone will admit to it, we all know that breasts are great.


And the amazing part; there is never a bad boob. Of course, everyone has a preference to which ones are better, but regardless; boobs are boobs. Too small? Nope. Too big? Nope. Too fake? Nope. Even if you were to get down to the details about every aspect of the breasts, they are still great.


That’s right, no matter the nipple, the placement, or whatever… STILL BOOBS!! And boobs are GRAND!


The possibilities with what to do with boobs are endless too. Play with them, look at them, hold them… Use them as a pillow, a cup holder, a table… They bounce, jiggle, and flail around gracefully. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg! The options are endless and there is always creative room for expansion!


Isn’t that wonderful ladies? Knowing you have one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) thing ever, right on your chest! And I know you love boobs too, that’s why you are always checking yours out and talking about other women’s boobs. No one cares that you love boobs! Let your liking be known! EVERYONE loves them; you will not be judged!


Hell even some of you bigger men, you still play with your boobs all the time! Aren’t they great? And hey, it’s like Rodney Carrington once sang, “If you’re a big fat man, I’m a titty fan, and I’d like to see yours too!”


So to sum this up, enjoy your boobs! Love everyone’s boobs! There is never a bad boob and feel free to admit to everyone that you love boobs! No one is going to judge you, it’ll just let them think of boobs too.